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Macedonian Call Response Team would like to welcome you to what we are all about. We are dedicated to do what God has called us to do, to better His kingdom and to be His hands and feet. It is our goal to have God at the center of our organization, first and foremost, in order to complete the work He has in store for us. Below are some of the core values to which we wish to adhere as a Christ centered organization.

  1. To provide direct assistance to hurting and devastated people. To provide for their needs, whether in disaster or otherwise, according to their immediate situation.
  2. To provide for charities, whether locally or internationally.
  3. To provide the Gospel according to our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost and dying world, showing kindness and God’s profound love.
  4. To assist in mission work, including providing resources for those involved in missions as God leads us, financially or otherwise, keeping in mind the possibility of sending one of our own on mission trips as deemed necessary.
  5. Assisting sick or ailing people as God moves us.

God has encouraged us in each of these things through His mighty Spirit. We understand that it will be His work through us, and not ours alone. Our financial status to maintain these ever growing needs will depend on fundraising, grants, donations, etc.

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