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We are a 501(c) (3) organization that is designed to help others in need. Here are some things we have done as a new organization this past year, looking forward to greater things with God’s guidance.

  1. Obtained donations, i.e. monetary donations, medical supplies, shoes, and clothing, to aid the needy people of Nicaragua. Supplied grants to send two missionaries to Nicaragua where they were able to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, share God’s love, assist the local physician with medical clinics, and help provide food to the locals who eat on average of every three days.
  2. Locally, we’ve supplied financial aid to help buy medicines, groceries, and pay for utilities for families with needs, such as severe illness and job loss.
  3. Collaborated with “God’s Pit Crew”, local law enforcement and food bank officials to provide supplies to a severely flooded area following Tropical Storm Debby in north Florida.
  4. Started a food bank in an area where poverty is overwhelming.

Just a note to let you know how this all came about…

The church we attend supports missions and we felt the Lord was calling us to go to Nicaragua. It was an unbelievable experience. We thought we were going to be a blessing, but it ended up being a much greater blessing to us to be able to play part in providing spiritual and physical help, such as clothing, building, medical and feeding ministries to the people of Nicaragua who are so very grateful for what they receive from the “gringos”.

We visited multiple villages with the missionary team who has been in Nicaragua for more than 10 years. This visit to Nicaragua inspired us to want to do more to help those in need, both locally and internationally.

This is our desire, to meet the needs of poverty stricken nations, including our own, and meeting the various needs of those around us as God leads, by following His lead, and knowing that through His will, and with His strength we can do ALL things, according to His word.

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